Phone Consultations

Access to sector & location specific information through one to one phone consultation sessions.


In Person Meetings

In person meetings to facilitate knowledge sharing with a sectoral or location experts.



Multiple insights through customized surveys from experts and consumers in the respective domains.


Link to the world’s best knowledge bank of experts

Who we are

Marquis is a platform enabling the world’s leading corporations connect with subject matter experts across every domain and every geography, providing customised information solutions that foster informed business decisions.

Who we serve

Our clients include leading Corporations, Consultancies, Private Equity Firms, Capital Market Companies and Social Sector Organizations who work with us over a varied range of sectors to gain access to the world’s best knowledge.

How it works

Our clients submit their project requirements to our team, the requirements are then matched with domain experts with relevant experience. Upon finding the right expert, our clients get to schedule a consultation over a phone call or arrange in person meetings with them.

Industries We Serve.

We work with you, Not for you
Assisting corporates right from validating product hypothesis to due diligence into new markets and M&A’s as well as understanding new technologies.
Enabling Industrial professionals to improve their processes and strategies in product development and innovation.
Private & Public Equity
Improving investment performance, reducing risk and helping our clients stay ahead of the competitive curve in today’s highly challenging market.
Investment Management
From validation of opportunities and desired portfolios, Marqui helps its clients by providing in depth understanding and perspective during the entire investment cycle.
Information Technology
Marquis facilitates its clients in understanding and absorbing new technologies in a world that upgrades itself daily.
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Marquis has health experts in the entire value chain to assists our clients with research, innovation, sales and legalities across borders.
Law & Public Sector
Our team of legal experts assist our clients in understanding processes and legal implications of business operations, across the globe.
Media & Telecom
Our network consists of a huge variety of professionals that support media & telecom companies in making right moves in the industry.
Consumer Goods
Marquis assists clients in understanding global markets through local expertise before, during & after a product launch.
Professional Services
Marquis helps in transforming the working style of consulting companies enabling them to service their clients in a better manner.
Real Estate
Our real estate experts assist our clients in understanding the local operations and governing laws of regional markets and rising venues to reduce investment risk.
Leading Hospitality executives that provide context and perception about the industry and operational differences from location to location, aiding expansion and smooth local operations.

Case 1

Client Situation:

A leading medical supplier was conducting a market attractiveness and feasibility assessment across Asia. The Client was looking to source data from the major touchpoints in Asia to conclude which would be the ideal markets for CAPEX.

Marquis Solution:
  • 40 telephonic interviews from major distributors across various countries in Asia to understand feasibility and applicability.
  • Quantitative survey to objectively conclude the demand in various countries.
  • End user doctor interviews that validated purchase behavior and ease of use and demand outlook.
  • Telephone interviews with distributors with 20+ years of experience in the industry allowed insights into the flow of product provided unique strategic insight.
  • Quantitative Survey provided market growth forecast inputs and competitor benchmarking data.
  • Access to doctors provided project hypothesis and improved credibility of findings.

Case 2

Client Situation:

A leading industrials client was conducting a study into organizational design best practice. The client was looking to source interviews with C-Level and Board Member specialists holding experience at group and regional headquarters in large industrial corporates. Key issues to understand included best practice in functional organizational structures, P&L reporting and capital investment decision making processes.

Marquis Solution:
  • 20 telephone interviews with senior executives across geographies and business units of leading global industrial corporates.
  • In-person meetings to accelerate organizational redesign planning and implementation phases.
  • Extended engagement with former Chief Operations Officer to support roll-out.
  • Through direct connection with seasoned executives holding hands-on experience in organizational transformation projects our client developed an elaborate understanding of best practice.
  • Access to these contacts provided unique perspective into the rationale, challenges and key success factors in executing a large operational transformation.
  • On-demand and flexible access to industry knowledge enabled the project to be completed with greater agility and efficiency.

Case 3

Client Situation:

A leading European private equity firm is assessing the acquisition of an online education company. The client is new to the specific market segment and wants to understand more around the competitive landscape and value chain evolution. As the process develops the client wants to deep dive on the target company and assess growth strategy options.

Marquis Solution:
  • Discussion with senior executives to inform sector feasibility and market attractiveness.
  • Customer referencing for on-ground assessment.
  • On-demand support throughout deal process including physical attendance at management meetings.
  • Early stage telephone interviews provide validation this is an opportunity to spend additional resources on.
  • Extensive customer interviews enable the deal team to demonstrate the proposed acquisition has acceptable risk limits.

Case 4

Client Situation:

An industrial automation company headquartered in Asia is finalizing its go-to-market strategy in 19 different countries across Europe. Although an expert in the space in their home region, the client is less familiar with local market dynamics in Europe, particularly around distribution, installation and regulation.

Marquis Solution:
  • 30+ Telephonic Interviews with distributors and other potential business partners.
  • Quantitative Survey with installers and other end clients.
  • In-person meetings with regulatory experts with local understanding.
  • The client extends its network in Europe and gains valuable insight into the unique regulatory, distribution and marketing challenges in each market.
  • In-depth, face-to-face consultations with local experts enable our client to identify and then quickly execute a strategically relevant acquisition, giving them a leg-up in a large potential market.

Case 5

Client Situation:

A Consulting Director working at a Hong Kong based Advisory firm needed to get up to speed immediately on the QSR Industry in India. His client, a Europe-based Fast Food Chain considered to enter the Indian Market and wanted to understand the market opportunity and competitive landscape.

Marquis Solution:
  • Marquis arranged 5 in-person meetings with the top executive directors of the major QSR players in the Indian Market.
  • 30+ Telephonic discussions with restaurant managers to understand on-ground situations and strategic differences in India in comparison with Europe.
  • Quantitative Survey for the end-customer to verify the claims made and to understand the demand for the client’s offering to India.
  • Meeting with top executives gave a macro understanding of the industry which created the foundations for entering the Indian market.
  • Restaurant Managers provided insight on an operational level.
  • Quantitative Survey with the customers provided a conclusive understanding of the demand.